A Guide to Start a Mini Golf Business

If you have an eye for design, sculpture and construction (plus the desire to make people smile), owning a mini golf course may be your dream come true. It’s not an easy business venture; however with dedication and the right attitude toward quality assurance, it can bring many people joy.

The age-old real estate mantra “location, location!” rings true here too: where you build your mini golf center is essential to its success. Make sure it’s easy for customers to reach and has plenty of parking space available; especially if adding an indoor section to your course.

Additionally, make sure that you can obtain a permit to operate the business in your region. Different countries and states have differing laws concerning legal requirements for this type of establishment, so make sure to consult local authorities or an attorney for more details.

Startup Costs

Operating a mini golf business comes with several expenses, and these can vary depending on the course size and competition nearby. On average, expect to spend about $1,500 per month for utilities and $500 for business insurance. You also need to buy fresh supplies for the course as well as pay your staff members.

Getting Started

The initial step in starting your mini golf business is selecting a name and logo for the venture. Additionally, you must set up a website to promote the enterprise and shape its brand image.

Marketing Your Mini Golf Business

Advertising is an integral part of any successful business, and in the mini golf industry it’s no different. To increase exposure for your enterprise, try using radio, television and printed media as well as creating a Facebook page or website to connect with potential customers and boost sales.

Your Target Market

When starting a miniature golf business, it is best to target families rather than individual customers or small groups of people. This approach has several advantages that will benefit your business in the long run; parents have more control over their children’s behavior which may not always be the case with teenage customers; additionally, families tend to spend more money at once than individuals do.

Lifelong Clients

Focusing on families can be an excellent strategy for maintaining your customer base over the years. Children who enjoy themselves at your mini golf course will likely return as adults, bringing their own children along for the ride! This ensures that customers remain loyal to you for many years to come!

This is the ideal strategy to ensure your business continues to expand and prosper over time. Additionally, targeting families makes it much simpler to attract new clients than targeting individuals or small groups of people.